A tasty protein-packed quick meal!

Traditional instant noodles are “very, very bad” for your health…‘everyone’ knows this – but why is this the case exactly?

The instant noodle versions on most shelves today are known for notoriously high MSG content, and this is usually where most people stop.

Did you know most of the instant noodles available on the shelf today are also deep-fried in oil?

This deep-frying process substantially increases the fat content of the noodle cake, while the high temperature associated with frying, essentially ‘fries’ away any benefits in the noodle dough. This makes it very difficult to incorporate healthier ingredients.

Let's have a look at the typical nutritional information of instant noodle (see the table for details). We averaged the nutritional information of four popular instant noodle brands available in Singapore. A typical noodle, take 100 grams for comparison, contains 471 kcal, 39% of which comes from fat, and most of the rest comes from carbohydrates.

Dietary fibre - which is crucial for a healthy diet - is almost absent because of the harsh frying process.

That’s a lot of empty calories!

After spending years working on our proprietary technology, WhatIF Foods eliminated the need for deep-frying. As a result, the fat content in WhatIF Noodles is low, in fact 64% lower than other popular instant noodle brands in saturated fat.

Without exposing our noodles to harsh temperature, we also managed to harness the excellent protein, fibre, and nutrients contents of the Bambara groundnut.

What you get in 3 minutes is a nutritious quick meal, packed with proteins and fibres.

Simple…it’s nourishing for body and soul!

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A tasty protein-packed quick meal!