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Green Queen Media 2021

Go to article: Crop diversity is a key concern if we’re going to bulwark ourselves against impending food security. Fortunately, there are companies out there like WhatIF Foods that are already creating animal food alternatives using untapped resources. More of this, please...

The Straits Times 2020

Go to article: "Starting a food revolution…"

TimeOut Singapore 2021

Go to article: "The future of convenience food"

We Are WhatIF Foods

We make a nutritious regenerative foods. Foods that replenish the nutrients we need throughout our busy days. We use crops that regenerate land that was left behind and we work with farming communities directly - we reconnect. We believe in circular values because well-being is interdependent – we need nature in cities, life in food, and purpose in communities.

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Why WhatIF Foods

What if sustainability is not enough? WhatIF Foods is on a mission to change the food industry - category by category!
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