The DBS Giving Tree

All I Want For Christmas is…
No More Food Waste!

For Christmas 2020, WhatIF Foods is celebrating Christmas with the DBS Giving Tree!

Food waste is one of the biggest waste streams in Singapore and all over the world - even more so during the holiday festivities. This year, in collaboration with DBS, we hope to raise awareness of the push towards zero food waste and spark joy in you and our community by giving the gift of food in a responsible and meaningful way. This way, we can all Live more, Waste less!

The DBS Giving Tree

Our holiday festivities often produce considerable waste – from food, to plastics and décor. To play our part in curbing festive waste, DBS started the DBS Giving Tree in 2019 when they asked the question – how can we make the earth better with our festive decorations? This seeded the idea of a 100% circular tree where the structure and décor of the trees are made entirely from sustainable materials.

It's called the DBS Giving Tree because on top of representing DBS’ efforts to give back to the planet for a more sustainable world, DBS re-purposes the décor from the trees to pay it forward for its colleagues and the society.

Giving Back...
To the Environment!

Made from used wine crates and recycled wooden pallets, decorations on this 100% circular tree comprise food products made from future-fit crops and produce that are slightly blemished but are otherwise safe for consumption.

Each Giving Tree will be a 100% circular tree that embodies the spirit of sustainability. Its modular structure is composed of wooden wine crates donated by Napoleon Food & Wine Bar and Giron Wines, as well as crates made out of up-cycled pallet wood by Yat Guan. The crates will be repurposed into an Ox for 2021 Chinese New Year, and thereafter reused by DBS to make Giving Trees for the following years.

One part of the Giving Trees’ decorations will be food products from Social Enterprises WhatIF Foods and Ugly Food packed in completely plastic-free packaging. WhatIF Foods creates tasty foods for diversified diets using Future Fit Crops that nourish us and our planet as well as empower smallholder farming communities. Ugly Food champions zero food waste by procuring potential fresh produce wastage that is either “ugly” or in surplus from suppliers. They are the advocates of “Ugly” - through their offerings, they want people to discover and appreciate the beauty within cosmetically-damaged fruits and vegetables.

Giving Back...
To the Community!

As part of DBS' commitment to give back to the community during these unprecedented times, the decorations will also be converted into sweet treats and meals for over 2,500 beneficiaries. This includes:

    • Sweet treats for Christmas made by GLAZE using WhatIF Food’s BamNut, Ube and Apple Cinnamon Shake mixes for over 1,100 beneficiaries from AMKFSCMarymount Centrewill and MINDS.
    • Over 1,300 more products to gift Singapore Food Bank’s beneficiaries.
    • Nutritious New Year’s bento meals for over 100 DBS frontline workers.

    The DBS Giving Tree

    The DBS Giving Tree