Our CEO's message on Earth Day

‘Strange’ scenes are being reported around the world.

  • The Himalayas became visible again after 30 years in Punjab, Northern India.
  • The water in Venice, Italy is flowing so clear you can see jellyfish.
  • Emissions had fallen by 25% in China during their lock-down, and pollution in New York had fallen by 50% following its measures.

However, this drastic fall in pollution and carbon emissions only happened against the backdrop of a near-complete stall of economic activities and widespread job losses. And it won't be enough to halt climate change.

If history is any guidance, stimulus packages following crises like these in the past have further exacerbated the rate of climate change investing into coal and fossil fuel consumption.

We have our choices once Covid-19 ends.

Either we work together to build an economy that is resilient, that benefits the people and replenishes our Earth's resources; Or, we admit to knowing the power of our actions and still refuse to use it for our common good.

Looking at our ability to mobilize large resources and unite together in fighting the pandemic, I can only imagine what we could do if the same efforts were made in combating climate change.

It's a matter of priority. Choose yours.

Every day is Earth day!

Our CEO's message on Earth Day