One man’s quest to transform comfort food, and help the planet

Between mono-culture stripping diversity from our foods, the dis-empowerment of smallholder farmers stemming from industrial consolidation, and the paradox of our foods being calorie-rich but nutrient-poor: our food system has to be re-assessed.

At WhatIF Foods, we are on a mission to do just this, by first reinventing comfort foods to make it healthier for you and the planet, all the while empowering smallholder farmers. Foods should be tasty, not greedy.

And there may not be a comfort food more paradoxical than that of instant noodle.

It was revolutionizing in feeding the mass during times of hunger, yet it is among the least nurturing foods that we still eat in large quantities today.

There is not much 'comfort' in that.

Using Future-Fit crops that are nutrient-rich, climate-resilient and suitable for growing in degraded arable lands, fellow NamZers are hard at work in turning instant noodles into something more 'comforting' with good nutrition whilst maintaining its convenience through our proprietary processing technology.

Our co-founder and CEO has been on this mission for a long time. A long-standing veteran in the industry, he had spent most of his career finding innovative ways to improve taste in savory snacks. It was also these years in the industry that had led him to understand viscerally the un-sustainability of our current food system and how it is making our society sick.

He was recently featured in Eco-Business to tell his story. Read on to see how he came to lead the charge for a better food system for our health and the planet:

You can also find Chris at If he’s not busy changing our food system, he’s always down for a coffee.

One man’s quest to transform comfort food, and help the planet