A WhatIF Foods Design Jouney

An interview with Nick Gray
Managing Partner at New Model Creative




What was your first and spontaneous reaction when Chris told you about his plan to
change the world one meal at a time?

I was probably a bit sceptical to be honest. But then I heard Chris talk about it, with a real passion, expertise and pragmatism.

To paraphrase Henry Ford, one thing came to mind: nothing is hard if you do it in small steps. What I love about WhatIF Foods is that it is the product of a much bigger idea – the Nutritional Paradox. The not-for-profit arm that is trying to change the way we think about food and our planet. We can all make a difference if we think about changing things one meal at a time.

What is your personal experience when it comes to your daily “food rituals”?

It's so hard to break bad habits. So many convenience foods are packed with tempting nasties that damage you, the planet and risk local farmers livelihoods. I often find myself eating food that fills me up, but which leaves me with a massive guilt trip. The idea that you could swap some of those for better alternatives is great. It is such a simple idea – so to have a brand like WhatIF Foods to choose from is great.

How did you experience the brand building process – creating the name, the logo and messages?

We loved it. NamZ and New Model Creative have worked together as one big team. There’s nothing better than collaborating with a client at pace to build a new dynamic brand. 

What inspired the name and iconic logo?

We hold our hands up, New Model Creative, didn’t come up with the name – you guys did. But we could see the creative potential in it, straight away. It starts a conversation. It gets people thinking about what they eat. And it’s been a great way of addressing the many benefits about the brand.

How would you like consumers to experience the brand WhatIF Foods?

We really hope people engage in the conversation that WhatIF Foods is starting. Of course, we want them to enjoy the content that we created to launch the brand. But hopefully they’ll go on to create their own content and we’ll see WhatIF grow and evolve as it gathers meaning for people.

How can everybody contribute a little something to WhatIF Food’s mission?

Just swap out your regular noodles, shakes and soups with these amazing products and let WhatIF Foods and the Nutritional Paradox do the hard work behind the scenes.

What’s your favorite WhatIF Foods product and preparation?

I’ve always been a big fan of noodles. But I never realized that regular noodles are deep fried before they’re dried. Some are a whooping 20% palm oil! Bad, bad, bad!

I love eating WhatIF Noodles, they taste the same as regular noodles without all that bad stuff. And being made of Bambara Groundnut they provide local farmers with a valuable cash crop whilst replenishing degraded soil.

It’s good to feel good while doing good!


A WhatIF Foods Design Jouney